If joined our unit, Welcome to Pack 451, we are super excited about the experiences and adventures that await your cub scout and your family. This page has important getting-started information.

People you need to know

Cub scouts are grouped into dens based on their grade level; so, lets get started by first introducing you to your child's den leader and key leaders..


Lion (kindergarten) den leader

Fabiola Matias

Tiger (1st grade) den leader

Mathew Davis

Wolf (2nd grade) den leader


Bear (3rd grade) den leader

Shannon Jacobs

Webelos (4th grade) den leader

Sandra Perez

Arrow of Light (AOL - 5th grade) den leader

Your child will attend the den (class) session lead by one of the above leaders. Below are key leaders that you'll see and reach out to for additional support and help.

Shannon Jacobs

New Members Coordinator

Julie Van Sandt

Committee Chair
Orients the unit

Stephen Jacobs

Unit ring master & MC

Jay Ruiz


Meeting Times & Location

After registration you will be put in contact with your den leader, which will inform you about upcoming calendar of activities.

In general, the den meetings for Lions (kindergarten) is only the 1st Tuesday of the Month 6-7:00 pm.

The tigers, wolves, bears, and webelos (1st to 4th grade) meet 1st and 2nd Tuesday of the month 6-7:00 pm.

Lastly, the Arrow Of Light (AOL) den meets Mondays 6:30-8:00pm

Additionally, your scout will join the pack meeting (every scouts from every den) on 3rd Tuesday of the month.

The scouts meet at Monte Vista Chapel field, Located at 1619 E Monte Vista Ave, Turlock, CA 95382 at above specified times.

Getting uniform & handbook

The first thing that you must do is visit the Gold Dust Scout Shop in Modesto and purchase the following items:

  • Handbook for scout rank based on rank (grade level)

  • All scouts need both Field Uniform (Class A) and Activity Uniform (Class B).

Pack 451 has its own class B shirt, which you can get for $10.

You will find scout shop employees very helpful in getting the appropriate class A apparel for your new scout. This includes neckerchief, neckerchief slide, shirt, 451 unit patch, world crest patch, and shoulder loops. The scout pants are recommended; but, they are not required since you can use blue jean pants instead.

You scout will also need a den number patch; your unit leader will inform you of the den number.

Have a talk with your child

The first item that your scout must earn is the Bobcat patch, which requires you to review the parent youth protection guide of the handbook with your scout, and help her learn to recite the scout oath and scout law. You will find these in your scout handbook that you purchased at the scout store.

Once you have reviewed these items with your scout; inform your den leader so that he can mark the requirement so that your scout can be recognized for this achievement during our pack meeting (once a month).

House Keeping

As part of your onboarding there are housekeeping items that you need to do as well. After registering for pack 451 on scouting.org, you will need to visit my.scouting.org to take Youth Protection Training (YPT). This will ultimately gives you access to scoutbook.com, which is how we track your child’s advancements and leaders are able to communicate with the parents.

Once you have gotten online access, be sure to login to scoutbook and do the following items:

  • Click My Account->Profile

    • Update your contact information

    • Select your mobile phone carrier then select validate to test SMS

    • Upload a valid photo so that leaders can recognize you

If you have a facebook account, please join the closed group Turlock Pack 451 FB Group and like Turlock Pack 451 FB Page. Additionally, girl scout should join the pack451dragon

Additionally, as part of your registration process you need to submit the following items:

One last thing

Lion (kindergarten) and Tigers (1st grade) need to be accompanied by adult buddy at all times.

All leaders within Pack 451 are volunteers and meet every month in a parent meeting to plan upcoming activities. We invite you to join our meetings to help shape future experiences.

Lastly, everyone is a volunteer; so, consider helping (even in a small way).

Special note about girls

As you know, the girls are new to cub scouts within BSA. There is data to support the benefits of co-ed as well as same gender class sessions; for time being, BSA is advocating keeping classes separate based on gender (possibly due to historic reasons). However, since we have a low number of girls, our unit is employing a hybrid approach where the dens meet as co-ed for their adventures, and during the pack meeting girls from every den lineup together to form the dragon den. Once there is an adequate number of girls of the same age; they can separate into their own den as per BSA guidelines. Because we are trailblazing into uncharted waters; parent involvement in shaping experiences is extremely important. At tiger level, an adult buddy must be present at all times. As the scouts get older, a female registered adult must be present at all times and we need parents to help fulfill this requirement.

Once again, welcome to Turlock Pack 451.