FAQ: American Flag Scout Service

What is flag fundraising service ?

Scouts will place 3'x5' American Flags on an 8' poles in front of a homes before holidays and then remove the flags after the holidays. The flag pole includes light that will illuminate the flag at night. The Flag pole is secured by sliding down onto a stake that his hammered in front of your propriety. The stake is added/removed for each holiday..

How is the flag put at site?

The Cub Scout is responsible for putting the flag. The scout will be chaperoned by the parent/guardian and get appropriate level of assistance from parent to ensure safety.

The scout must be in Field Uniform (class A), clean, and must have the shirt tucked in.After securing the flag, the parent will take a picture of the scout next to the flag so that it is relayed back to unit leaders.

About Flag Pictures

Why are parents required to take pictures of scouts next to flags?

Scouts must be in their class A uniform with shirts tucked-in. This is one way that the pack unit can ensure consistent service.

Will flag subscriber receive a picture of the scout next to the flag?

This is a great idea. We need a parent to help facilitate it consistently so that existing leaders are not stretched more.

How do parents send pictures to unit leaders?

We will most likely ask parents to embed photo in a google-sheet cell next to the subscriber's address. Instructions will be provided at a later point.

What happens if the shirt is not tucked-in?

Scout Motto is to do your best. We may ask scout to revisit and retake picture to reinforce the importance of being dressed properly.

What happens if Scout is not in Field Uniform (class A)?

Scouts must be in class A uniform when soliciting for funds as well as preforming the service. Please report to the unit leaders to reinforce importance of appropriate attire. Additionally, we are working to have parent take a picture of the scout next to each flag to enable Pack 451 leaders audit the efforts.

Why is the flag fundraising considered a subscription?

The subscriber pays a one time fee for one year of service, which scouts will honor by placing American Flag in front of homes for the specified holidays.

Does the subscriber keep the flag?

No, The flag is added before the holiday and then it is returned back to Pack 451 Cub Scouts unit.

What holidays does the American Flag service cover?

  • Memorial Day

  • 4th of July

  • Veteran's Day

Why is Flag Day (or other holidays) not an option?

We need to consider the busy schedule of working parents to support the scouts; therefore, we cannot accommodate many other holidays.

What is the maximum number of home subscriptions per scout?

Each scout is limited to getting 20 subscribing homes. Exceptions maybe granted when a few more are needed to complete the block, or to support an organization. The following items are needed:

  • Scout parent must present the case to the pack committee to get approval for additional subscription.

  • If scouts exceed 20 subscriptions, then they must participate in the monthly parent meeting to help with pack planning.

What happens if scouts exceeds maximum of 20 subscriptions?

We expect an honor system; but, understand there needs to be exceptions. The unit leaders will ultimately have to work harder!

Scout parents must prepare to take an active position within in unit if they intend to exceed 20 subscriptions and must discuss it with the committee. Otherwise, the subscription will be refunded.

Is it okay to use social media to solicit our neighbors for flag subscription?

Yes; however, the scout parent must keep a close attention not to exceed 20 limit.

Why isn't 20 subscription option removed when 20 is reached?

Great idea; please help us make this happen.

Why is there a maximum number of subscriptions?

The goal is for scouts to earn their way through the program. More subscription means more time away from other important items (school, chores, play, etc). Additionally, this is the first time we are making this service available and are not sure what to expect yet.

When should we expect US flag service ?

The US flag will be placed within few days before the holiday and a few days after the holiday. The flexibility allows for families to ensure scout responsibilities are meet and still to be able to go on vacation.

Note that the first target holiday 4th of July to account for fulfillment. Way may push the service forward/backward one holiday based on fulfillment.

Do you have the flags and can I get it for Memorial 2021 (instead of 2022)?

Scouts are making their way around and have until May 10th to compile all the subscriptions. 'Due to fulfillment logistical we may not be able to get the flags on time to honor earlier service requests.

Is there any deadline to be aware of?

Scouts must have all their subscriptions in by May 10th so that we can order the supplies needed. We will not take any orders after this date.

What happens if the flag is stolen, damaged, or falls on my car?

The pack will pay cover its costs.

What happens if my property is damaged (i.e. broke sprinkler)?

The repair cost will be deducted from scout fund. Parent/scout are responsible for ensuring no damage is done to property.

How do I know if my property is getting serviced?

See subscription list here.

How do I get a refund?

Recall that this not a commercial business; instead, you are helping the scout to earn their way to scouting activities. However, if you still want a refund, you can contact us.

How do I place an order for my home?

Thank you for your interest; however, this service is only available to cub scout neighbors. Recall, we don't want to burden parents with driving around; the intend if for scouts to earn their way while they work in their neighborhood.

How much does the flag service cost & how much does a scout make?

The Flag Subscription costs $60 and the scout keeps $20. The remaining $40 is used to cover the costs of an 8' telescoping flag, top mount solar light, stakes, and ramming rods. Subsequent years the scout keeps most of the money since we will not have overhead cost of procuring materials. Any remaining balance is credited to the pack to cover cost associated with maintenance, repair, and recoup other costs that pack incurs to support the scouts.

Do scouts subscribe to their own service?

Yes! Scouts must subscribe to their own service to (1) lead by example, (2) ensure information is captured correctly.