Getting Started

To join Pack 451 cub scouts, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Submit BSA Registration Application & pay pro-rated BSA national fees.

  2. Submit pack 451 inquiry form

  3. Pay the pack fees in person (see below Cub scout costs for details)

  4. Create an account via & complete Youth Protection Training on (see Finding YPT Video)

  5. Take the recommended Safe Swim Defense

  6. Complete the BSA Medical Form and deliver it to cubmaster or member's coordinator

  7. Once you are registered, review Next steps for a new scout parent

Cub Scout Costs

The total annual membership fee is $250 for the Lions (Kindergartner), and $305 for Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos (1st to 4th graders). This covers both the BSA national fees and the pack fees (cost of advancement & awards, pinewood derby car, books, parades, etc). See below table & Pack Fee Schedule for pro-rated costs and cost details.

Arrow Of Light rank (5th graders) bridge (graduate) to Scouts BSA (formerly know as Boy Scouts) in February; therefore, they are prorated to $270. Note that 6th graders and above advance to Scout BSA, and will need to contact Turlock Troop 451 or Troop 21. Below table shows the pack portion of the fee that is paid in person.

Additionally, new members can expect to spend about $100 for uniform, neckerchief & slide, and rank book in the Gold Dust Scout Shop, located at: 4031 Technology Dr, Modesto, CA 95356

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Lastly, we embark upon many adventures, which provide wonderful experiences. Participation with these events is optional, and we enjoy the benefit of group discounts; however, the events costs range from $0 to $100 per attendee, and can be as much as an additional $500 per person annually!

To help offset the costs and help scouts earn their way, we organize fundraising options like popcorn sales, lunch tickets, and hockey game ticket sales, US Flag service to name a few.

Cub scouting supports family-centric activity; so, every family member is welcome to join our outdoor adventure. Having said that, a scout may not attend an event without a parent/guardian.